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‘Sorrento Primary School is a school of excellence.’ These were the words said by the independent school reviewer, when she gave feedback about Sorrento PS to staff and to parents. The review period spans the past four years. The reviewer went on to say that: ‘Sorrento Primary School has made innovative and effective changes to teaching and learning programs since the last strategic plan. The goals and key improvement strategies have been implemented well and targets have been reached or exceeded. Strategic funding has supported school improvement and a range of targeted programs have been provided for students. Students are performing above state levels in all areas of the curriculum. The school has strong relationships with the school community. Parents are very supportive and the School Council is proactively engaged in school improvement.’ Two key elements were identified as having fast tracked school improvement during the review period: ‘The key driver of change has been the dynamic leadership team. The principal has been strategic in allocating leadership roles to staff to match the core purpose of the school, which is to create an environment in which children thrive. The second element relates to the strong whole school climate of professional growth and support between all staff. It is evident that teachers demonstrate a high sense of commitment to building their own teaching capacity and extending the learning of all students. The school has implemented processes and protocols to inform teaching and learning and staff performance through open, inclusive self evaluation, as a measure of school improvement. This critical approach has created personal ownership of school development. Sorrento Primary School has a strong learning culture and there is no lack of determination and effort by leadership and staff to make a difference.’ This feedback is most affirming and I look forward to leading the school community on a journey of continuous improvement over the next four years. During the review process the reviewer met with a focus group of students who she found to be most impressive; she spoke highly of the articulate manner in which they could talk about learning and what it means to them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for the extraordinary work they do, their willingness to take on changes to programs and practices and to implement programs that improve the learning outcomes for your child. What a wonderful school we have!


Elaine Lesiuk


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