This value is shown when

We are kind, friendly and helpful to others.

We look after other people’s property.

We are polite and use good manners.

We behave in a safe and sensible manner.

We include others in games and activities.

We listen to others and speak appropriately to them.

We accept others for who they are.

We acknowledge other people’s beliefs and differences even if they are different from our own.

We care for our world, our environment and the people in it.




This value is shown when

We are trustworthy, fair and honest.

We make strong choices.

We own up for our behaviour.

We tell the truth in a sticky situation.

We are true to what we believe in.

We do the right thing, even if it doesn’t benefit us.

We stand up for ourselves and others.




This value is shown when

We think, listen, remember, discuss, study and ask questions.

We have a go and persist in what we do.

We explore and discover new ideas.

We do and make things.

We have adventures with our brains.

We try new things and achieve new skills.

We show understanding.

We have fun and are challenged.





This value is shown when

We learn and play together.

We listen well to others.

We work well with each other.

We include others.

We share resources, ideas and information.

We respect other people’s ideas.

We take turns.

We agree to disagree.

Everyone contributes

There is a problem and we work it out with each other.

We manage our feelings when we work with others.




This value is shown when

We get over a disappointing situation.

We stay calm.

We move on.

We forgive others.

Accepting apologies

We express emotions appropriately.

We bounce back after disappointment.

We believe in ourselves.

We are confident in who we are.

We think positively.

We learn from our mistakes.




This value is shown when

We have a go.

We improve our skills.

We tolerate feelings of frustration without getting angry.

We keep on trying if things get tough and find ways to overcome difficulties.

We go for our goals.

We try our best.

We are self motivated and believe in ourselves.

We recognise learning can be a struggle.