Ensuring all students are literate is a priority at Sorrento PS. As a result, all students have at least ten hours of literacy each week. The Reading and Writing Workshop models are used. Teachers conduct pre and post assessments to gain an understanding of students' strengths and areas that require development.


Across the school students are:

  • grouped according to need.
  • exposed to a range of teaching approaches, including Shared Reading and Writing, Conferencing, Guided Reading and Writing and Reciprocal Reading.
  • taught comprehension skills such as visualising, predicting, questioning, summarising and thinking aloud.
  • Taught how to use a Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook.
  • supported to extend their reading stamina to beyond thirty minutes.
  • taught a variety of strategies to learn about spelling. These include letter knowledge, phonic strategies, high frequency words, visual strategies, meaning/word structure and learning about language (etymological). 

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