Parent Involvement

Sorrento is truly a ‘community school’ and is a focal point for the Sorrento community. Your participation will enhance your child’s education. Input from parents is welcomed in many areas, such as:


Educational programs – see your classroom teacher regarding this assistance.

Grounds and buildings development and maintenance - through working bees.

Fundraising activities – watch out for details and get involved.

School Council – elections are held at the start of each year.


School is not a separate compponent of your child’s life. The more ‘overlap’ the better!


There are countless ways you can participate. Such as:

Reading helper


Perceptual Motor Program helper

School Council Subcommittees

Excursion helper

Vegie garden


What skills do you have to share?


A Parent Helpers Course is held during Term One each year for those parents who wish to assist in the classroom.


A useful link for parents is the Department of Education website