Foundation: Early in December the students in Foundation enjoy participating in a special dinner. They go home as usual at 3.30 pm and return at 5:30pm, dressed in their best 'dinner clothes'. This evening introduces children to eating away from the family situation, in a group with their friends. A highlight of this exciting evening is a visit by Santa, who arrives bearing gifts.


Year One: Students in Year One look forward coming to school very early one morning in November, for a breakfast at school. They are taught to cooperate in a large group situation, and are responsible for washing, drying and putting their own plates and utensils away at the end of the meal.


Year Two: A fun sleepover is held at Bayplay in Blairgowrie or at school (depending on numbers) for all Year Two students. An evening barbeque starts off the sleepover, with children responsible for assisting with dishes etc as is necessary. After teeth cleaning and other bathroom routines, children settle down with their teachers and parent helpers to sleep. A day full of acitivities follows.


Years Three and Four: A highlight for the Year Three and Four children is the three-day camp. This is an outdoor adventure camp with venues being on the peninsula. These provide a wonderful opportunity for learning and are great fun.


Year Five and Six: Year Five and Six student students travel to Creswick and Ballarat visiting Sovereign Hill (even year) and to Melbourne for the Urban Camp (odd year). Each camp is either three or four days.


Optional Ski Camp

An annual Ski Camp to Mt Buller is offered each year. Approximately twenty students are able to attend this camp. Preference is given to students in Year 5 and 6.

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