Choir-Sorrento Sings and Sorrento Jewels

Sorrento Primary School supports and encourages students to extend their musicianship and love of singing by being involved in choir. Our school has two choirs: ‘Sorrento Jewels’ and ‘Sorrento Sings’.


Membership in ‘Sorrento Jewels’ is open to any child from years 3-6. Year 5 and 6 students who are already members of ‘Sorrento Jewels’ may join ‘Sorrento Sings’ via invitation or audition. Choir sessions introduce and build on correct vocal technique and choral performance skills. Repertoire is selected for quality as well as enjoyment. Our choirs perform regularly at school soirees and concerts, and students enjoy the opportunity to sing for our local community.


Our choirs are conducted by Julie Baldwin and Lenka Brereton.



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