At Sorrento Primary School we provide a collaborative and dynamic learning environment where students will develop literacy, numeracy and life skills that will assist them in becoming valued and active participants in the global community.


The school strives to give children the opportunity to extend and develop themselves. We do this by:


Providing an environment that is stimulating and safe.

Providing learning opportunities that cater for individual differences.

Planning so all individuals are challenged.

Planning so all individuals experience success.

Working co-operatively so all members of the school community can contribute.


The school wants to empower students so they can take increasing responsibility for their own learning. We believe this is achieved through:


Assisting children to become highly literate and numerate.

Developing student skills in learning about how to be effective learners.

Providing a curriculum that has breadth and depth.

Providing resources and programs that are relevant to current life experiences.


The school also believes that education is an equal partnership between teachers, parents and students. School members are expected to:


Respect the rights, property and beliefs of others.

Encourage and assist all school members to contribute to the school's general well being.

Be aware of school business through its open and accessible decision making processes.

Be provided with appropriate information and in-services training that improves their abilities and opportunities to participate in school activity.

Actively support and promote the school to the broader community.