Act Of Kindness

Uniform Policy

Sorrento Primary School has an Act of Kindness Program. This regular award celebrates a school culture which celebrates kindness.

The aim of the award is to empower staff to foster altruism in children of all ages through focusing on positive behaviour.

The three steps to the Act of Kindness Award are:

1.  Observation
Staff, students, parents and community members are asked to observe kind and generous behaviour demonstrated by Sorrento Primary School children on a weekly basis.

2. Nomination

Staff, students, parents and community members are asked to nominate one recipient or one deed undertaken by a group and complete the nomination form located in the school office.

3. Celebration

The recipient/s is formally acknowledged at assembly and in the school newsletter.

The child or group of children receives:

·         Public recognition at Assembly for their act of kindness

·         The Act of Kindness Award Certificate

·         A badge with the wording 'Act of Kindness'


The Act of Kindness calls on all who participate to join in embracing:

·         Celebration

·         Generosity

·         Affirmation and Acknowledgement

·         Inclusiveness, Compassion and Social Justice

·         Empowerment

·         Integrity and Honesty


All staff, parents, students and community members are strongly encouraged to participate in this program by nominating Sorrento Primary School students for ‘acts of kindness’ they have observed using the nomination forms located at the office.


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